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Reynald Grattagliano –
Pioneering the World of Non-Alcoholic Beverages



Born in Avignon, France

Arrival in the United States

Los Angeles and San Francisco, California

Nail Lacker

UK. Chase Chemical Company - London. During this period, Reynald created an innovative nail polish that revolutionized the beauty industry by eliminating cracking. Rimmel became his first client, followed by major brands such as Revlon, Estee Lauder, YSL, and Chanel.

Lipsticks and Eyeshadows

Italy. Chase Chemical Company - Milan. Shifting focus to lipsticks and eyeshadows, Reynalds expertise in manufacturing high- quality cosmetic products made Chase Italy a benchmark in the industry. Collaborations with renowned Italian brands like Deborah, Pikenz The First, Revlon, and Max Factor solidified their position.

Local Supplier in Baghdad

Baghdad, Iraq. Reynald established a trusted supplier relationship with the Iraqi government, providing Orosdi Stores, a government-owned perfumery, with their products.

K-MART Supplier

Lebanon, Beirut. Expanding regional reach, Reynald became a buyer for perfumes and cosmetics at K-Mart USA, purchasing branded fragrances in the Middle East and exporting them to the USA.

Perfumes at $1

Miami, Florida. Reynald founded Parfi Perfumes, specializing in the production and sale of low-cost perfumes priced as low as $1. Parfi Co. became an industry leader in the mass market segment, attracting a wide customer base.

Creation of Scarlett

Creation of the successful perfume brand, Scarlett, which was later sold to a cosmetic giant in 2004.

Supplier in China

Beijing, China. Reynald secured an exclusive deal with the Chinese government to supply branded perfumes. His quality and reputation captured the attention of the government, and he became their preferred buyer

Founder of Duty Free Zone Inc.

Miami, Curacao, Panama. Duty Free Zone Inc., established in Miami, expanded to Curacao and Panama, becoming a hub for duty-free products catering to international consumers and travelers. remains active in the duty-free industr

Panamanian Whisky

Panama. Reynald introduced Panamanian whisky, blending Panamanian craftsmanship with carefully selected ingredients, resulting in a distinctive whisky gaining international recognition.

Create the molecule W.A.R.M.

Reynald developed the W.A.R.M molecule, a crucial ingredient in the groundbreaking creation of the first-ever alcohol-free whisky. The W.A.R.M molecule offers a mouthfeel sensation akin to the traditional burning sensation caused by alcohol.

Creation of Scottish Spirits

Glasgow, Scotland. Reynald added Scottish Spirits, a Glasgow- based brand, to his portfolio. The introduction of Scotch Whisky In a Can expanded their product range and established a strong presence in the alcoholic beverages market. Reynald patented a latex cap for whisky cans.

Entry into the Middle East Market

Dubai. Responding to Middle Eastern market needs, Reynald introduced Arkay Halal Alcohol-Free Whisky offering a popular alternative for those seeking the flavor and experience of whisky without the alcohol

Entry into the American Market

Miami. Alcohol-Free Arkay Whisky was introduced to the American market, catering to the demand for alcohol-free alternatives to traditional whisky.

Entry into the Mexican Market

Arkay expanded its operations in Mexico by establishing Arkay House in Laredo, Texas, and opening branches in Aguascalientes, Arandas, and Tepatitlán. The brands Arkay Beverages México and Liquor Zone México excelled in producing high-quality whisky.


Reynald introduced Arkay Colorado CBD Cannabis to tap into the increasing demand for recreational and medicinal cannabis products.

Base in France

France. Arkay expanded its presence to Europe, establishing a base in France. Arkay Europe became a major player in the non-alcoholic beverage industry, catering to a diverse and sophisticated market.

Expansion in the Middle East Market

Saudi Arabia, Jordan. Arkay Middle East established its presence in Saudi Arabia and Jordan, offering a wide range of non- alcoholic beverages, including Arkay whisky, tailored to the preferences and needs of consumers in the Middle East.

Global Expansion

Global expansion to various countries (India, Saudi Arabia, etc.). Arkay continued its global expansion, establishing itself as a reference in the non-alcoholic beverage market worldwide. Each country enjoys a variety of attractive and high-quality options to suit their comsumer`s tastes.

and beyond

Reynald`s mind never stops, and he is currently preparing a master plan to give your company, Duty Free Zone Inc., a new direction. He plans to create a powerful platform that will break down many barriers.