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As a young boy, he used to tend lambs in pastures covered with lavender and Lily de Provence.
The blend of fresh, light aroma etched his soul.

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Throughout his life, he had always created perfumes, cosmetics, and the like. As a boy at the young age of 13, he worked for his father, who was a perfumer himself.

Reynald learned the business and moved to England at the age of 18-year-old to manufacture nail polish. When he mastered that market, he moved to Italy to manufacture cosmetics. Reynald then became the cosmetic buyer for Orosdi department stores located in Bagdad, Middle East.

Along the way, he mastered the native language, absorbed the native customs and learned about the markets.

His next stop was the United States where he sharpened his English and his skills at marketing the world’s finest scents.

Reynald was appointed Senior Advisor for the Chinese Government, charged with developing the country’s first nationwide purchase and distribution of fine quality cosmetics. 


…Years after he strolled through the pastures surrounding his home town of Les Beaux de Provence and after holding the scents of his youth close at heart, Reynald had produced a creation that would shake up the liquor market and revolutionize the way we drink.

A beverage that was inspired to be created following an episode with his 22 year-old son, who upon returning home from a party where there was ample imbibing, began to feel those certain unappealing after-effects.

He suggested that someone create a liquor that doesn’t “Leave you feeling so hung-over.” His son Kevin, of course, didn’t realize that suggestion would compel his father to not only spend the next three years of his life researching such a method, but he would spend five million dollars to make it happen.

He started with a cherished memory, added much spirit and imagination and nearly five years of trial and error, he created a molecule that would carry all the alcohol profile without the alcohol.

After spending nearly three years attempting to devise an alcohol-free derivative that not only smelled, but tasted like liquor, Reynald sought the expertise from a team of scientists at a lab in Switzerland. This collaboration ultimately resulted in the creation of an entirely new molecule. The quintessential break-through by which Arkay Beverages were born.

The name ‘’Arkay’’ derives from Reynald’s travels abroad. Apparently, during his stays in China, some people had trouble pronouncing his first name. Instead of saying “Reynald” their utterance was closer to “Arr-K” – which was AOK with him.

Arkay is the world’ most successful beverages company today, the W.A.R.M creation added to aromas and Reynald’s expertise makes it the world’s first alcohol free spirit.

It is today’s trend, safe for women and men, it is complicated yet so simple to make.

It appeals to any culture, at any age, a reflection of Reynald’s worldwide expertise. Along its unique character, Reynald’s alcohol free spirits are marketed in the US and worldwide in a unique way, primarily via the internet, its packaging is also distinctive …including the industry first temper proof cap with a unique bottle shape .

“With this alcohol-free spirit collection, I see myself as a kid again. This is my chance to give a piece of myself to people…a piece of my soul to their souls”

Reynald’s Timeline
Reynald is US and FRENCH CITIZEN born on Oct 28, 1955
Worked as a kid at his dad’s plant in 1968
Moved to UK in 1973 to open a nail polish plant in Newquay, Cornwall
Opened a lipstick plant in Italy in 1975
Head cosmetic buyer Orosdi Stores 1980
Head cosmetic buyer in Lebanon 1984

Opened a budget price perfume plant in Miami USA 1986

Successfully sold his fragrance business to a US major US perfume company in 1996
Appointed head cosmetic buyer by the Chinese Government 1996
Founder 1998
Fragrance developer USA 2002
Alcohol free spirits 2007
Opened the first Arkay first office Dubai 2011
The W.A.R.M Molecule is discovered 2012
Opened Arkay bottling plant in México 2012
Opened Distribution center in Texas in 2014
Launch of Give Me 5 drinks alcohol free spirits 2019