Learn the difference between Alcohol-Free Spirits Flavored Drinks and Distilled Alcohol-Free Spirits

ArKay Beverages Founder Reynald Grattagliano Creates How To Buy Alcohol-Free Drinks

New York, NY, Sept. 01, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — ArKay Beverages Founder Reynald Grattagliano Creates How To Buy Alcohol-Free Drinks

Learn the difference between alcohol-free spirits flavored drinks and distilled alcohol-free spirits and determine why it’s important to choose an alcohol-free alternative with zero percent alcohol.

Laredo, TX – Reynald Grattagliano, founder of ArKay Beverages and the inventor of the world’s first alcohol-free whisky flavored drink, wanted to educate alcohol-free drink consumers all over the world about the difference between alcohol-free spirits flavored drinks and distilled alcohol-free spirits.

“Alcohol-free spirits flavored drinks, such as ArKay’s Vodka Alternative, have zero alcohol but with the same kick and burn as the regular alcoholic drinks. On the other hand, distilled alcohol-free spirits, such as the ones from Seedlip and Ritual, are not entirely alcohol-free as it has an alcohol content between 0.2 up to 0.5 percent,” says Reynald.

Some Alcohol is Not the Same as No Alcohol and the Body Knows

Over the past couple of years, increasing numbers of alcohol-free spirits hit the shelves. Not all of these are equally alcohol-free, no matter the legal claim that is being made.

Legally, in the United States, and other countries, any product with 0.5%ABV can claim it is alcohol-free. This designation is due to the idea that you cannot get “drunk” on a product with so little alcohol.

But alcohol-free spirits that have a 0.5%ABV only weaken the body, with no gains. The ability to get drunk on a product is not the point of the label “Alcohol-Free.”

And this is where ArKay Beverages has the edge over most of their competitors – they only sell beverages that are 100% alcohol-free, absolutely zero alcohol.

he Difference Lies In the Manufacturing Processes

As one of the leading alcohol-free spirits manufacturers, ArKay Beverages, wants every alcohol-alternative drinks consumer to understand how a growing number of producers are creating a range of innovative ethanol-free spirits that aim to achieve the flavor and textual complexity without the alcohol.

Alcohol-Free Flavored Drink – Truly Zero Proof

Reynald invented this reverse engineering concept in 2011, and it is the best way to produce a great alcohol-free spirit.

“Arkay Beverages is blending flavors and aromas of whisky, tequila, gin, vodka with water, yes water and adding at the same time a proprietary molecule that tastes and smells identically to alcohol,” Reynald explains.

Reynald further said that this process yielded phenomenal results.

“The result is phenomenal because the drink has truly the same taste and burn as the real thing. It is a true 0% alcohol zero proof drink, and besides being delicious, it also gives the sensation of the burn of the alcohol, it is the safest drink of the alcohol-free spirits category.”

Alcohol-Free Distilled Spirits – Not So Zero Proof

Hydro steam distillation is the process used to get the best out of every branch, leaf, and berry, all botanicals, spices, and fruit their essential oils. It ensures the premium taste and unique after-bite of any drink made with the products.

“Distillate of Gin produced by Seedlip or distillate of Whisky produced by Ritual is poured in a vacuum tank to remove the alcohol to obtain the drink so-called alcohol-free distilled spirits,” Reynald reveals. “Both Seedlip and Ritual use the same equipment and ingredients as their alcoholic counterpart, but they use them in different ways and for different reasons.”

“Seedlip starts as neutral grain spirit (NGS); each botanical is macerated in a specific NGS style, with abv strengths and base grains differing from one ingredient to another. After maceration, each botanical is distilled twice: once to remove the alcohol through evaporation. A second time to “bring everything else over and capture and concentrate the fantastic flavor of the plant,” Reynald explains.

The Downside of Distillation Process

Reynald said the downside to this process is it costs the taste, and the drink is not 100% alcohol-free.

“The bad news is that alcohol vacuum removal also removes the taste and the burn that you find in a spirit. The alcohol content may be up to 0.5 % level, which is not good for people who never drink, pregnant women, people under medication, or those who drive.”

Inadequate Alcohol-Free Spirits Labeling

“Alcohol-free spirits” have exploded onto the market, garnering a whole lot of attention and buzz with their health-conscious, booze-free wings. More and more brands are launching products on the market that imitate the taste of gin, rum, or whisky, just without the ingredient that makes spirits truly spirits – alcohol.

Because of this popularity, a problem arises – the inadequate labeling of alcohol-free spirits that can potentially pose health risks to consumers.

Reynald shared that the inadequate labeling of the alcohol-free spirits sold in the market these days is very misleading. It results in people purchasing the wrong product believing that it is zero proof when it is not.

“The problem we face with Alcohol-Free products that are not alcohol-free is that these products lack the beneficial aspects of fermented foods. Beverages with a 0.5%ABV only weaken the body, with no gains. The ability to get drunk on a product is not the point of the label “Alcohol-Free,” explains Reynald.

Reynald further explained that people should make sure that the product is 100% alcohol-free when choosing an alcohol-free beverage. He said that there is no reason to compromise one’s health for a loophole in labeling.

How to Know if an Alcohol-Free Drink Has Zero Alcohol?

Reynald invited anyone who drinks alcohol-free spirits, such as the ones listed below, to check the alcohol value or presence carefully before buying. 




CALENOS (Caleños)














He said that purchasing alcohol-free drinks containing as low as 0.2 % of alcohol could be disastrous for your health. An alcohol-free drink containing as low as 0.5 % could be harmful if a person consumes two drinks, the alcohol value could be 1% and up to 4% for a person who consumes more than eight drinks per day.


Seedlip - Ben Branson both inspired by Arkay founder's Reynald Grattagliano

 The Alcohol-Free Spirits Alternative market is booming with products like Ben Branson‘s and Arkay today.

These products each have a single source that entered the market almost a decade ago when Reynald Grattagliano, introduced the world to the first Alcohol-Free Spirit company Arkay Beverages.

In 2011 Reynald Grattagliano, introduced the world to the first Alcohol-Free Spirit company ArKay Beverages

Then in 2014 Branson launched the distillate line Seedlip


Reynald Vito Grattagliano is an entrepreneur and philanthropist driven to solve the world’s biggest challenges through innovation.


Reynald is the spark behind the current alcohol-free spirit movement having been the first in the field to imitate Spirits giving consumers a sober option to a night out.

Reynald had a vision and, in chasing that vision, was the first to produce an alcohol-free substitute for all the popular spirits.


A man who knows no limits, Reynald pushes big dreams into action, spurring massive cultural and technological change. His audacious vision and magnetic personality continually inspire others to follow what feels impossible.

The founder of Arkay Beverages, Reynald see beyond the current business and technological landscape, creating companies that make a true impact. Reynald’s next endeavor is to travel to the moon using lunar resources for innovation here on earth.

Whether it’s business or life, Reynald is guided by one firm belief – Our only limit is our imagination.

Back in 2007, Reynald Vito Grattagliano was inspired to produce alcohol free spirits following an episode with his 22-year-old son, who upon returning home from a party where there was ample imbibing, began to feel those certain unappealing after-effects. “He suggested that someone should create a whisky that doesn’t leave you feeling so hung-over,” explains Reynald Grattagliano.

Three years later he launched Arkay, the world’s first 0% ABV non-alcoholic spirit.

How Arkay Was Invented?

The founder of Arkay, a product line of beverages that are whisky flavored but 100% free of alcohol. Though only recently introduced, demand for the beverage has generated sales throughout the world, and the company is building on current successes by introducing new lines of vodka, rum, gin and Tequila, which may taste like the real deal, but are totally free of alcohol.

Reynald Grattagliano was inspired to produce the drinks following an episode with his 22-year-old son, who upon returning home from a party where there was ample imbibing, began to feel those certain unappealing after-effects. “He suggested that someone should create a whisky that doesn’t leave you feeling so hung-over,” explains ReynaldGrattagliano.

The son, of course, did not realize that suggestion would compel his father to not only spend the next five years of his life researching such a method, but he would spend five million dollars to make it happen.

Though Reynald Grattagliano does not have a background in beverage development, he certainly understands chemistry, as well as how to combine ingredients in such a way as to attract allure and appeal from the discriminating masses. He has made an enviable fortune by creating designer perfumes which are touted by some of the top beauty & cosmetic companies known to the world. After spending nearly two years attempting to devise an alcohol-free derivative that not only smelled, but tasted like whiskey, Grattagliano sought the expertise from a team of scientists at a lab in Switzerland. This collaboration ultimately resulted in the creation of an entirely new molecule, the quintessential break-through by which Arkay beverages were born. What is Arkay ?

The name derives from Reynald Grattagliano’s travels abroad. Apparently, during his stays in China, some people had trouble pronouncing his first name. Instead of saying “Reynald” their utterance was closer to “Arr-K” – which was AOK with him.

Reynald Grattagliano worked several years on the project and it is only on 2012 that the W.A.R.M molecule was discovered

Arkay Alcohol Alternative

Arkay has a small molecule placed inside the drink, in contact with the tongue the drink send stimuli to the brain, the illusion operates, and the mucous membranes of smell and taste saturate and make the consumer believe that he is drinking alcohol.

Arkay explained

No drunkenness, no adverse effect, this is the advantage of Arkay, it reproduces the taste of the liquor but none of the negative effects of the alcohol.

Individuals with medical condition or religious beliefs that prohibits the consumption of alcohol can enjoy the crisp and taste of ArKay non-alcoholic liquors alternatives.

Arkay Beverages

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