From the desk of Reynald

We do not often see times like these where the entire world is affected by something singular. In times like these, borders, race, gender and anything that we use to separate falls away. We, as individuals, may not feel threatened or vulnerable to COVID-19, however, that doesn’t mean we have no responsibility to quelling this pandemic. The CDC has listed a few simple things you can do to help slow, and ultimately stop, the spread of COVID-19 which I encourage everyone to adhere to.

Wash/clean your hands often:

This will remove the virus from your hands if you pick it up from somewhere as well as if you are a non-symptom carrier.

Avoid touching your eyes, nose mouth:

Viruses like COVID-19 spread through touch so if you touch a surface that happens to have virus cells, and then touch your face, you will be introducing it to your system. Also, if you are a non-symptom carrier touching your face will introduce the virus to your hands and then be spread to those things you touch.

Avoid close contact with others:

Especially those who are sick, or those who have compromised immune systems. If you are sick stay home

Wear a facemask:

It is encouraged that those who are sick and those who care for others who are sick, wear facemasks to prevent further spread of the coronavirus and reinfection.

Clean and disinfect surfaces:

All frequently touched surfaced should be cleaned and disinfected to avoid spread and reinfection.


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